Phuong Anh Cao (Sam)

Sam was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is a pharmaceutical chemistry major and joined the lab in January 2019. Currently, she focuses on early first row transition metals. Sam likes to travel and try new food





Nicole Hila Davila

Nicole joined the group in June of 2019 under the mentorship of Cary Stennett. She is currently working on the synthesis of mixed metal main group hydrides. In addition to chemistry she has a passion for physics and classical ballet.






Ella Schwirzke

Ella joined the group in August of 2018 after transferring to Davis from community college in Monterey. Currently, she is working with Alice Phung investigating the reactivity of metallostannylenes with small molecules. Outside of chemistry she enjoys traveling and crafts, such as wood working and crotchet.





Patricia Armenta

Patricia is a chemistry major and has been in the Power Lab since Spring 2019.  She is an ACS Scholar and has worked on the preparation of organometallic heme-carbene complexes at the University of Michigan in summer 2018 and will be graduating in spring 2020.








Past Undergraduates


Thien Nguyen

Antonio Vasquez

Kelly Gullet

Skylar Osler

Chia-Yuan Chen

Tony Hascell

Ryan Rulpanelli

Nathani Schully